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Looking to inspire your audience and elevate your event, webinar or workshop? Vimal from Happy Bean Counters is available for speaking engagements, ready to deliver impactful, engaging, and transformative talks on stress management, work-life balance, and mental well-being, tailored specifically for accounting professionals.

What I Offer

Inspiring & Customized Sessions


Deliver inspiring, tailored content in your events and webinars that resonate and empower every audience, whether employees, clients, or association members.

Expert Insights & Knowledge


Experience transformative learning through interactive discussions and hands-on workshops, fostering deeper understanding and application of crucial concepts.

Interactive & Engaging Learning


Benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience in stress management and mental fitness through specialized seminars and interactive sessions.

Topics include:

  • Holistic Work-Life Balance: Discover harmonious integration of work and personal life, optimizing overall well-being and job satisfaction.
  • Strategic Stress Management: Learn actionable, science-backed strategies to alleviate and manage stress effectively, enhancing mental resilience and professional performance.
  • Employee Wellness & Productivity: Explore comprehensive wellness initiatives designed to foster a healthy, positive work environment and boost employee morale and productivity.
  • Mindfulness & Mental Fitness: Immerse in mindfulness practices and mental fitness techniques aimed at fostering focus, clarity, and emotional stability in high-pressure professional settings.

Ready to inspire?

Ready to inspire and empower your audience, employees, clients, or association members? Contact Vimal {Vee-mull} today to discuss your needs and explore how we can make your event, webinar, or workshop a transformative experience!

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Some happy testimonials*

*we've never had any unhappy testimonials ☺
"I participated in your live workshop at our convention. Your session was the one I was anticipating the most, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations. It was, without a doubt, my favorite session. A huge thank you for such a valuable experience!"
Susan J.
"I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity yet profound impact of your session. It was straightforward but incredibly effective in helping me understand how to manage stress and find joy in my work & personal life."
Joel A.
Accounting Manager
"This session needs to be featured at every business conference. Everyone needs to hear your talk on living & working stress-free."
Samuel P.
Business Owner
"I absolutely loved the stories and relatable examples you shared, they brought so much clarity and resonance. You have a gift for making complex concepts seem remarkably simple and achievable!"
Amy P.
Founder & CEO
"Your coaching & advice has been an invaluable resource. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in my journey and I'm grateful for your expertise and dedication."
Piyush K.
Chartered Accountant
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